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 Seany28's Applicaion

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PostSubject: Seany28's Applicaion   Fri Nov 23, 2012 5:13 am

What is your IGN?:Seany28
How long have you been playing Valkyrie PvP?:not long
What position are you applying for?: admin or mod

Do you have experience in this position? If so, please elaborate:ive been admin heaps of times mod once so yes i have exprience
so i know the following plugin commands
-mob disguise
-citizen (plus sentry (greatmod which consists of guards u can have them protect ur place from mobs, factions or just people u dont want to come and mess with ur buildings) )
-world edit
-world gaurd
-ultimate arena
thats about it
Explain how you deserve this position: i know ive started but im an active player and ill will bann people if they break the rules and i wont abuse the admin or mod rank

How long can you be on daily?: 24/7 if im admin or mod
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Seany28's Applicaion
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